About Sfizio Prezioso

Sfizio Prezioso was born from the desire of two designers, Francesco Truscelli and Vincent Caruso, to join forces to create together modern and elegant jewels.

The idea of ​​Sfizio Prezioso came from the fact that a fracture is taking place today in jewelery with, on the one hand, the luxury brands reserved for a small community and, on the other hand, the consumer brands whose quality production tends to decline over the years for cost reasons.

The goal in creating Sfizio Prezioso is to offer jewelry made entirely by hand with the quality requirement of our workshop while maintaining a selection of pieces at affordable prices.

We select the materials we use ourselves to ensure a consistently high quality of our pieces. No cheap manufacturing in a foreign country, no large quantities. Drawing, design and production of each piece are entirely made by us in our Paris studio.

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Francesco Truscelli and Vincent Caruso
Francesco & Vincent